Friday, November 20, 2009

Princess On Ice

We went to Dinsney's Princess's on Ice and had a blast. All the girls dressed up and looked absolutley adorable!! We went with my aunt Jen and her daughter, and Andrea and her kids. Sooo much fun! We will have to start doing it every year, Ivy has not stop talking about it still:) She keeps telling everyone we went to Disneyland... that works for me, at least until we can do the real thing. Here are some pictures, my camera wasn't taking the best of pictures and I couldn't fix the red eye so beware!
We look evil I know... sorry!!

Jen and Hannah

Andrea, Mira, and Addison

Ivy dancing

Kids shoving food in their belly

Posing for pictures:)

They all were in heaven!!


sarah and jeremy said...

Oh how much fun! My sister went too. I'm glad you guys had fun. Ivy looked so cute! Can't wait to see you guys :)

Shannon & Bryce said...

That looks like something I'll need to take my two little girls to. They would love it!