Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm back:)

Okay I know it has been months since I have posted anything, I got out of the habit but now I am back. And I did get a new camera so we have pictures also!! It has just been crazy busy. We have had a lot of fun, Cole is crawling and climbing on everything! Yes he is only 7 months I know, I give him two more months to figure out the walking thing. He has 4 teeth and is in the 10% for his weight. Happiest baby I have ever met! He likes to play rough and loves climbing all over the dog. Ivy has been growing up so fast also. Still very dramatic, and says the funniest things:) The other day she said to me, " Oh my gosh mom! Look, grandpa Steve is on this magazine!" I looked, with a smile already on my face, it was a picture of David Letterman. I tried not to laugh, because she really believed that grandpa was really on this magazine. She pays close attention to the funniest things. Bennett is liking school, (he says he doesn't but I know he does). He did get sick this week and now we all have it... not fun. The poor little boy did not move from our bed for 36 hours, no games or nothing! Sean's work has slowed down a bit- with the weather and all, it has been nice. The gym has also been nice, I am still getting used to working a split shift, but it is getting easier. I have had hardly anytime to workout, so whenever I have a cancellation I do a super hard training. I have definitely have had to tweak my diet accordingly... which sucks. That is what has been going on with us, hopefully some people enjoy reading this long lost blog, I promise to keep it updated more frequently. Thanks to the ones who inspired me to blog again, (Sarah and Carrie:)).

So this morning I am sitting here with sick kids and feel like this house is just contaminated! I myself am not to healthy either. I think I will make us all some homemade chicken noodle soup and watch some movies. This cold weather just makes you want to sleep and eat soup! Hopefully get some cleaning done- if the energy is restored. Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading and I will promise to post pictures from Halloween soon!!


sarah and jeremy said...

YaH!! I'm so glad you updated. I can't believe your little one is already crawling. Yes, I bet he is walking way before he turns one! I'm excited to come back in nov. Dave said we could use the gym so I plan on being there alot!! Hope your family starts feeling better!

Cares said...

Yay! I hope you blog more cuz I never get to see you anymore! I can't believe how fast little kids grow, I swear you just barely had your little babe.. Ivy is hilarious, I love that little girl. Too bad about being sick, I am sorry it is a nastey bug that is going around! Soup and a good book sounds like a perfect way to spend the day! I need to workout better, we really need to figure our schedules out SOON!!! :) Hope to see you on here more!