Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We had a fun weekend, on Saturday we got a fire pit to put in our backyard. It wasn't the best weather but we made it worked. Next weekend we will be prepared with smores.

My mom's puppy Mia was enjoying herself, she had exausted Meadow and was proud of it.

Ivy picked out a warm outfit... she wanted to wear her "jammy dress" over her pants.

A little gas never hurt in getting things going....

Here are my boys hanging out and eating dinner. Babe,what happened to the fire? More gas?

My husband and I enjoying a nice evening by the fire.

It was very nice, this willl be one of many fires this summer, and you are all invited!!

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Cares said...

Oh how fun!! I can't wait to come and have a little BBQ! :) It looks great!