Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another great weekend

I cannot believe Cole is six weeks already!! He is getting sooooo big. And I have started work again, so that is why it has been such a long time since the last post. Working 2 hours a day doesn't seem like it would be a huge change, but it is! My husband, the kids , and I had a really fun night this last Saturday! First we went to Petsmart to get an electric fence for Meadow, our neighbors will appreciate it greatly! Then we have a very nice dinner at McDonalds and got the kids happy meals which had CD's for the prize. As we are driving home we are listening to the kids version of "Take you there" and the kids are just loving it! They are jammin' out with their paper microphones, and Sean and I are thinking, "we never thought we would see the day where, on a Saturday night, we would be listening to kids bop music laughing our heads off and enjoying every minute of it. We then got a movie and I went to the store and bought junk food. This was bad! I never buy candy....... ever, but I bought cookies, Swedish fish, M & Ms, Reisins, popcorn, Root boeer, Sour patch kids, it was ridiculous. We moved the couches around and made our own little "movie theater." A very nice family night it was. Bennett told us all the funny parts of the movie and Ivy was way more interested in the treats. S he couldn't decide what to eat first so she shoved several things in her mouth.

It was a very relaxing, entertaining weekend with the kids, I always look forward to time with my family. Sometimes we get so caught up in all the things we have to do, it is nice sometimes to leave the house unkept and just enjoy the memories you are making :)


sarah and jeremy said...

I know, it's so funny the things you find yourself doing. That is such a great idea, I will have to remember that:)

Cares said...

Awe I love weekends like that! Sounds like you guys had a blast!